I love researching and writing about the built environment, poverty, and social solutions, and am always looking for the next challenging topic to research and write about.
I write and edit research and journalism pieces; organizational marketing collateral; internal communications pieces; grant and funding request narratives and applications; project proposals; and internal standard operating procedures.
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Reading’s (In)Complete Streets, A Then & Now & Maybe Someday 

Why Complete Streets Policy is Both Crucial and Irrelevant To Making Our City Better For People On Bikes (And Everyone Else) 

How the National Legacy of Modernist Urban Planning and Governmental Housing Policy Intersect In Reading, PA

Eating Your Way Around the World, Within the Reading City Limits

Making Your Own: A Diet Discovery

I researched and tried my hand at two traditions of fermentation: beer and Americanized "kimchi."

How the Penn St. Pop Up Park Showed Us That Green Isn’t Always The Answer to Urban Redevelopment

(and that sometimes the answer looks like big mounds of brown dirt)

Profile and Bio

Sandy Witman: Strengthening Reading's Food Systems

Biography, City Councilor Lucine Sihelnik

City of Reading City Council 

Tropical Bakery, Little Slice of Puerto Rico On the South Side

A City Rebuilt With Acceptance and Collaboration

Bountiful Berks Farm Stand Brings Fresh Produce To Reading Schools

A Brief Profile of Raymond Diggs

Marketing, White Paper and Proposals

The Importance of Adaptive Reuse, Blog Post

2016: A Year In Review and A Look Forward

ReDesign Reading's Annual White Paper Report

Resource Request Proposal

ReDesign Reading's 18th WONDER Project

Yes We're A Hot Mess. So Tell Us Something We Don't Know.

Small Funding Request Proposal Draft

Project Document

Penn Street Pop Up Park & Pump Tracks

Personal Essay

How I See Myself in Ed Terrell & The Importance of Community Memory 

Book Sniffer, People Watcher: Why I Love the Library

Editing, Layout and Webpage Examples


Here In My City

Reading Bike Hub, a project of ReDesign Reading CDC


Here In My City 'Zine Print Issue

Article Submission Editing Example

LinkedIn Copy Revision Example

Editing Example for Blog Post


Editorial Policy and Procedure

Here In My City

Organizational Bylaws Draft

Here In My City